Keeping Community spirit alive despite COVID-19

There have been many challenges for Muslim Communities across the UK as a result of COVID-19. Mosque had to close for several months, Ramadan and Eid al Fitr was at home, Hajj was cancelled for many, and many have lost loved ones.

Despite all of this hardship, it is only right to take a moment and reflect on the incredible resilience and good work of Scottish Muslims.

Though Mosques remained closed to the public, they continued to serve thousands of meals to those in need; distributing food in Ramadan, providing meals for essential workers and spiritual support online. They continued to ensure the rites for those who had passed were fulfilled under very strict conditions and consoled families who were not able to grieve properly. Now as they begin to slowly re-open, mosques have ensured we can pray together but stay safe too.

We have seen such sacrifice from those on the front line response, our key workers who have lost their lives to save ours.

So many others who have spread a kind word, shared a kind deed, supported their neighbour and have joined in efforts to ensure the most isolated have had some support too.

Finally our thanks to you, for keeping strong despite it all. Our faith teaches us that every trial and test provides us with an opportunity to do good and contribute. There has been much hardship in this pandemic but also so much community spirit. We thank everyone for doing their bit and hope we can continue to stay safe and stay hopeful.

By mcscotland on 03/05/2019 in Blog