Covid-19 Response

The impact of COVID-19 has been an unprecedented time for all of society; lockdown has resulted in many challenges especially for the Muslim community.

Mosque closures meant Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr were celebrated at home as well as the cancellation for many of the Hajj pilgrimage. It has also been particularly difficult for those who have lost loved ones and have been unable to carry out funeral rites in the way they are used to.

MCS has been working hard to ensure there has been clarity in the Government guidance and has provided regular advice to the public on how to keep safe.

MCS is part of a National Community Response Group (NCRG) with The Muslim Council of Britain, the Muslim Council of Wales, the British Islamic Medical Association and many other bodies. MCS has worked collaboratively at a national level to ensure effective coordination, resources, information, and training have been available to all.

We have:

  • Represented the concerns and challenges of the Muslim community, particularly places of worship to the Scottish Government
  • Promptly clarified the rules regarding funeral prayers for the Muslim community
  • Campaigned to ensure the guidance for reopening places of worship for congregational prayer was made a priority issue
  • Worked with the NCRG to produce safe reopening guidance for mosques
  • Held several webinars to inform the community of key guidance as well as provide a forum of discussion for mosques to share their feedback