Putting wellbeing first this pandemic

We realise the impact of COVID-19 on all communities has been challenging to say the least. For Muslim communities across Scotland, there has been a lot of obstacles to keeping well. Places of worship have continued to play an important role in pastoral and spiritual care but we realise that the health and economic consequences have been very difficult.

Many people have lost their job or have had a significant loss of income. Others have really struggled to work from home and juggle the many competing demands. In all of this, we are reminded of the important role of our faith in keeping hopeful of better days to come as well as the importance of providing whatever support we can to one another.

The Muslim Council of Scotland know that wellbeing matters wherever role you are playing, we need to take some time to see how we can improve our routines and better manage stress. We have decided to dedicate a week of sharing key advice and hosting an online event for you to be able to ask your questions on improving wellbeing. We hope to hear from our many affiliates on what they are doing as well as encourage all to take care of themselves and each other.

A chance to check in with community wellbeing and access support


By mcscotland on 21/10/2020 in Blog