Congratulations to His Majesty The King Charles III

Congratulations to His Majesty the King Charles II

On the historic occasion of the coronation of King Charles III, Muslim Council of Scotland offers its heartiest congratulations to the new monarch of the United Kingdom. We wish the king all the best in his new and most important role.

We are aware of His Majesty the King has a great understanding of the faith following communities and his commitments to improve community cohesions.

On the historic occasion of the coronation, in our affiliated, Masajid and Islamic centers throughout Scotland, we will be praying that King Charles III is granted profound wisdom, an indomitable spirit and the strength to serve not only the people living in the United Kingdom but also the other parts of the world, with grace, respect, equality and justice.

May Allah almighty guide our King Charles to offer extraordinary public service earnestly and selflessly throughout his reign. Ameen
Dr Muhammad Adrees
Muslim Council of Scotland

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