As a broad based umbrella body, we represent the interests of our affiliates which are a diverse network of Mosques, Community organisations, Islamic schools across different denominations within Scotland.

The Muslim Council of Scotland is a registered charitable body. As stipulated by the MCS Constitution, it is the members who elect the Executive Board Members bi-annually at an Annual General Meetings. The Executive Board then has the mandate to appoint further Board Members (up to 3 co-optees) and Teams to support the work.

As a voluntary organisation, MCS is funded by affiliate fees. Additional to this donations in kind from the community and fundraising efforts from projects and events.

Membership to the Muslim Council of Scotland is open to Scotland based, Muslim led organisation. There three types of Membership:

I. Full Membership:
II. Associate Membership:
III. Individual Membership:

To see more check our Membership page

Members are still independent and follow their own constitution. MCS is an advisory body and members are able to input into this work.

Unfortunately, we are not a fatwa or scholarly body, we cannot provide advice on such matters. We would recommend you speak with your local mosque and imam.

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