Muslim Council of Scotland has over 90 affiliates which includes mosques across Scotland, community organisations, and madrasahs.

As Muslim commuities have grown all over Scotland as far as Stornoway, there has been a growth in institutions and places of worship to cater to these needs. MCS always welcomes new affiliates to benefit from the services we offer as well as be part of this network to learn and feed in to.



Media Response

Ensuring effective representation of our affiliates and fast response to crisis issues, MCS has been proactive in our media engagement and making sure affiliates have the support they need to do so also.


Organisational Support & Training

MCS facilitates various capacity building workshops including Mosque training, Women in Leadership and being more environmentally friendly. Further we offer our affiliates crisis support and updates on relevant Government guidance.


Networking & Events

As a broad based umbrella body, our events, projects and online discussions have allowed for different bodies to come together and benefit from each other’s learning. This has been critical during the COVID-19 response work. muslims in Scotland.



MCS has been supporting key campaigns on social justice and human rights including freedom for Kashmir and Palestine. Further, we have been involved in tackling issues like Islamophobia and hate crime in Scotland through Government consultation and grassroots campaigning.