What we do

Working to support and strengthen Muslim communities across Scotland

The Muslim Council of Scotland works at both a grassroots and national level to ensure the effective representation of our affiliates. MCS actively supports its members with a range of projects and training as well as encourages best practice sharing between organisations.

There are many diverse Muslim communities in Scotland with different needs, our role has been to help provide support and be inclusive of this diversity in our organisational work.

MCS has several flagship projects such as the Annual Revert Muslim Dinner, Visit My Mosque Day and the Scholars Unity Conference, as well as training initiatives to better to support community development. We have been grateful for the involvement of so many wonderful volunteers and organisations who have made these projects embody a sense of community and connection.


As a grassroots organisation much of our work centres on community concerns and issues both locally and globally.

MCS has been quick to respond and support human rights and justice campaigns. When the attacks happened in New Zealand, MCS was able to bring together hundreds of Scots for a vigil the same day as well as organising solidarity campaigns across Scotland.

MCS is a part of the Cross Party Group on tackling Islamophobia, chaired by Anas Sarwar. This has been an important voice in raising the issues faced by Scottish Muslims, including the institutional inequalities to the Scottish Government and the wider public.

MCS has lobbied Parliament for support on the Kashmir situation as well as continued solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Further MCS has been part of groups campaigning for better environmental change and promoting sustainable use in our organisations.

Campaigns form an important bedrock to the work we do and we hope to continue to champion voices where it matters.

“As an organisation, we are driven by our faith and that means standing up for justice, challenging hatred and division and making sure we give those who need to be heard, a platform.”

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