We Love The Final Prophet Muhammad PBUH Rally

    Every Muslim across the globe loves The holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH.  Freedom of expression is not a freedom of insult disrespect to anyone.  Muslim Council of Scotland organised a very successful rally in Edinburgh in front of…

    Respect the Holy Quran

    Muslim Council of Scotland stood for respect the Holy Quran.  Freedom of expression is not the freedom of hate and freedom of damage our communities cohesion.

    Independence Day in Scottish Parliament

    Muslim Council of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 organised Palestine 🇵🇸 Independence Day in Scottish Parliament on 15/11/2023.The event was hosted by the CPG Convenors Pauline McNeil MSP and Magee Chapman MSP. The event was well attended by other MSPs.…

    Statement of Condemnation

    Muslim Council of Scotland is deeply sorry to learn about the incident inPakistan. We strongly condemn the actions of the mobs leading to damages to thechurches and the personal properties of respectable citizens of Pakistan ourChristian brothers…

    Congratulations to His Majesty The King Charles III

    Congratulations to His Majesty the King Charles II On the historic occasion of the coronation of King Charles III, Muslim Council of Scotland offers its heartiest congratulations to the new monarch of the United Kingdom. We wish…

    Eid with Parliamentarians May 2023

    Attended by the First Minister of Scotland Humza Yousuf, Anas Sarwar MSPs, Scottish Labour Party leader, Ms Megan MSP and Dupety leader Scottish Conservative. Mr Alex Cole Hamilton MSP and Leader of Scottish Liberal Democratic Party. Mr…

    Projects & Campaigns

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