Statement of Condemnation

Muslim Council of Scotland is deeply sorry to learn about the incident in
Pakistan. We strongly condemn the actions of the mobs leading to damages to the
churches and the personal properties of respectable citizens of Pakistan our
Christian brothers and sisters.

Our beloved the final Prophet Muhammad PBUH said a Muslim is one from whose
words and actions other human fellows are safe. We also condemn the actions of
the instigators of hate and hate propagators.

We are deeply concerned about the failure of law enforcement authorities to protect the Christian community. We demand the government of Pakistan help in
the rebuilding of the homes and the worship places. The responsible culprits must
be brought to justice.

Muslim Council of Scotland, believes in fostering a society where religious intolerance
has no place. It is essential to understand that diversity in beliefs enriches our
communities rather than dividing us. Let us embrace the beauty of different faiths
and come together in harmony.

Muslim Council of Scotland fully supports the initiatives taken by the Muslims of
Pakistan to rebuild the family homes, reablement of the victims and reconstruct
churches damaged by the mobs.

We must hold each other’s hands to make Pakistan and the rest of the world progressive
prosperous where every citizen of the world lives in peace and harmony.

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